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It's international women’s day 2018 & what a better moment to share our story...

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It's international women’s day 2018 and what a better moment to share our story on how we decided to make a difference to empower women around the world through the fashion lense addressing the universal Bra Strap Stigma.

International Women's Day 2018


……… Is it OK to let bra straps show?

showing bra straps

While most women would resign themselves to days of trying to make sure the bra straps are hidden or simply decide to reveal their undergarment, we decided to solve this problem by converting the bra strap into a fashion accessoryBra straps should no longer be considered underwear so women could feel empowered about flaunting this accessory just like they would flaunt their jewelry, i.e. watches, earrings, chokers, etc.

Fashion has evolved in so many directions but this part of our wardrobe has not followed with the same pace. By creating Brappz, our key challenge was to come up with a fun strap and hook that doesn’t look, feel or adjust like a conventional bra strap, ensuring no association with underwear.

Although the younger generation is less attentive to this matter, showing your bra straps remains perceived as uncaring. Girls and women are still badgered or asked to leave because their straps are visible as reads last year’s CNN post headline “It is 2017 and we are still arguing over girls’ bra straps are distracting”

We dream of Brappz being an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe so they can dress and above all feel confident anywhere, anyday, anytime. It represents a small grain of salt among the sea of challenges women face to progress.

What originally started as a mission to transform the bra strap (aka undergarment) into a fashion accessory has since evolved into a broader concept. Today, Brappz can also be used from gym to street as bracelet, choker, hair tie, headband, shoelaces, bikini straps and more. 

International Women's Day 2018

Customize your own style with our interconnecting silky-soft Strappz, Hookz & Snappz.








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