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The Road to the UEFA WOMENS EURO 2017 The Netherlands championship Day 7-8

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Eurosport Frane

Day 7 We continued our road to the WEURO ... after being spoiled with so many nice days, the cooler rainy weather set in for the weekend and threw off some of the crowds who were trying to escape from the rain. We were in Utrecht at the France vs Austria match and we were happy to notice that as the championship advances, we see more and more people wearing our WEURO bracelets! It is such a nice surprise to go up to people to hand out our fliers only to see them already wearing our bracelets. So instead of advertising, now we spend our time spotting those wearing the bracelets and interacting with them.… and as todays highlight, were thrilled to receive a picture from Eurosport reporter Romain Balland sharing a photo of former player and commentator Sabrina Delannoy   sporting the WEURO Bracelet ahead of the game :) 


Day 7 scores

Switzerland vs Iceland 2-1

France vs Austria 1-1

English fans UEFA Euro 2017

On day 8 we attended the Spain vs England match in Breda. We spent 2-3 hours in town before heading to the fan zone and were surprised to see so many people walking around with floaters in the streets. As we approached the main canal we learned from a student that this Sunday was the annual pool party for “Bootjevaren” Day (Little boat riding day). Students from all over the area come to Breda to float around the canal together with bars and bands… definitely worth a visit if you come to the Netherlands in the Summer! A few thunderstorms hit on and off but this did not deter the crowds. In the stadium we were able to meet up with Spanish football blogger Lalu R Albarran from as well as player Marta Corredera s family. The game was amazing and the Spanish team was able to maintain ball possession most of the time, and although had its opportunities, it did not score the goals needed to beat the English team. 

Marta Corredera fans

Day 8 scores

Spain vs England 0-2

Portugal vs Scotland 2-1


























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