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The Road to the UEFA WOMENS EURO 2017 The Netherlands championship Day 5-6

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Day 5 started off with an exciting game, the Netherlands against Denmark Rotterdam. We immediately spotted the flag bearers of the Dutch team who were proudly wearing the orange & white Brappz bracelets, sponsored by ING (Official Flag Bearer Sponsor). Kicky The Mascot was also showing off our Orange & White Bracelet :). The atmosphere was fantastic and the color orange was dominating, however many Danish fans were also present. We had record participants in our social media contest making the next day a busy one with follow-ups and engagement with our fans. 

Netherlands vs Belgium Breda


During the Norway - Belgium match, which took place in Breda, Belgian fans dominated the scene. Great to see so many men supporters in a women’s cup. The atmosphere in Breda was booming after the game.

Day 5 results

Netherlands vs Denmark 1-0

Belgium vs Norway 2-0


 UEFA WOMENS EURO 2017 Germany

On day 6, it was difficult to make the 2 matches due to their distance between Tilburg and Deventer so we decided to go for the Germany vs Italy match. It was surprising to see so many German fans already seated and ready for the game an hour before it began. The amount of people cheering on Germany was so overwhelming, we could barely spot any Italian fans! But thankfully once in the stadium, the flags made both fan sides more apparent. It’s so exciting to see how many people are embracing Brappz bracelets.

On another note we personally gave a bracelet to German ex-player Nia Kuenzer ,Golden goal player, and one of the star commentators of German football at ARD TV  and really hope to spot her somewhere soon while supporting the German team :) 

This second week of matches is very interesting as it will well define the teams that get closer to making the quarter finals. Fans are very enthusiastic!!!


Day 6 results

Germany vs Italy 2-1

Sweden vs Russia 2-0






























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