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The Road to the UEFA WOMENS EURO 2017 The Netherlands championship Day 3-4

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Marta Corredera y Brappz


Our trip Day 3 took us to the city of Deventer for the Switzerland vs Austria game. On the way we decided to meet with Marta Corredera from the Spanish team, who has embraced Brappz with such enthusiasm and was thrilled to share the bracelets with her team members.
It has been so nice to have traveled to the beautiful Dutch country side and meet such lovely people everywhere we go. Since we have been behind schedule all day, we have thankfully been served food at any time of the day with a great big smile and delicious food as well.
Our next stop was Tilburg where Iceland played against France and where we witnessed an amazing fan base from the Icelandic Team. We even asked if there was a separate entrance for the French players, as the presence of the Icelandic fan base was so overwhelming.

UEFA Women's Euro 2017 The Netherlands Icelandic fans

The Icelandic fans were so wildly dressed and were showing so much love for their country. The amount of patriotism from them was insane and it was amazing to see how their attire went from just the team jersey to the full Viking gear.

Day 4 we were in the eastern city of Doetinchem where Spain played against Portugal  This was the coziest stadium of all 7 with many family and local fans as supporters. The fan base was stronger on the Spanish side and the small stadium allowed us to be more present and actually “live” the match in a more personal way with the fans. This was especially nice as we were able to engage with some of the players on social media.
At mid time we headed to Utrecht to make sure to spot Scottish and English football fans. It was a completely different atmosphere. Already given the size, a huge fan base was present however felt dominated by Scottish fans who had been celebrating well ahead of the match!
Day 4 results
Spain vs Portugal  2–0
England vs Scotland 6-0





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