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The Road to the UEFA WOMENS EURO 2017 The Netherlands championship Day 13-14

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Netherlands vs Switzerland Weuro 2017

Day 13 beautiful sunny day in Doetinchem, incredible to see when the hosting country’s team is playing and how it brings the country together. The city decorated with orange balloons, flags out in full and people exited to be part of such an event.

People were flocking the store to buy anything that could display orange and white, great feeling overall. For the Swedish team there was quite a lot of supporting fans, but obviously not as many.

Day 13 Results

Netherlands vs Sweden 2-0

Germany vs Danmark 1-2


Germany vs Austria Weuro 2017

We had to rush to the next game as it was in Rotterdam and is far away. So sadly we could not stay to watch the game, only if we would of known.. It looked so exciting, but the next match was calling our name. We then headed to Rotterdam. As we approached the city the sky was turning grey and it didn’t take long until the rain started pouring in. It was literally raining cats & dogs & the streets started flooding up.

We got to the stadium and people were running for cover, and going directly inside the stadium to stay dry. The horrible weather made us all miserable, but we still had hope for the players. As time was going by, more and more water was pouring down. The stadium started being flooded so they were trying desperately to start the game and were using buckets to empty the water on the turf.

The weather played a bad role on us that day, and resulting to postpone the game till next day.

England vs France WEURO 2017 The Netherlands

The next day we decided to go to Deventer and watch the game FR vs against GB.

Deventer is such jewel of a city, a must if you visit Holland.

The fan zone was calm but people were sitting around watching the match

Austria vs Spain. We headed out to the stadium around 6.30, It was a great feeling , the French fans were so ready with their huge flags and strong fan base singing and sticking together strong.

We were handing out 5 Euro off coupons and people were loving it and got excited, they all wanted to walk away with a nice souvenir and what better than a brappz bracelet. Many were asking for pins and I explained that the trophy snappz can be taken off and collected as a replacement of the pin, concept was well embrazed.

Bye the time the match started, the stadium got completely full!! And the atmosphere was insane, it was a must for us to stay and watch the game!


Day 14 Results

Austrian  vs Spain 5-3

England vs France 1-0








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