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Spreading Brappz Love in the U.S.

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Just back from a fabulous trip to the US!

I was in McAllen Texas visiting my family and friends. I couldn’t wait to see in what original ways my mom wears Brappz, and it seems like chokers isn’t just trending for the younger generation! She has all the colors Brappz in chokers ready to be worn every change of outfit. She likes the hook at the front to show, but not only that, she’s made her Brappz even more personal by hanging her favorite pendants on the hook too, and it looks great.  Thanks for the new ideas mom! 


For me, there is no trip back to McAllen without going to Quips & Quotes, my favorite store, a trending concept and clothing store. Adding to that, when I showed the buyer Brappz, she said “I always get promised something new, but this is really something I have never seen before”. Fingers crossed maybe my favorite product and my favorite shop will soon have the same location.  

Vegas, Baby!!!! Unquestionably a playground for all ages and amazing hotels (Wynn, Palazzo, Bellagio…) I attended the ASD (Affordable Shopping Destination) Gift and Accessories show. Saw interesting trends in jewelry, chokers are clearly here to stay (yay!). I wore my silver and gold Brappz criss-crossed in the back and front with matching Lisian flowers, people were stopping me to ask about my Unique accessories. Something so totally new to them it was blowing their minds. Even a jewelry designer proposed for us to produce special bands for their jewelry (stay tuned hehe).

Hello New York! What is even a trip to the US without a stop in New York, right? (although I stayed in Hoboken, a very charming city in the Hudson County New Jersey that I totally recommend as it also has great Airbnb deals!)

In one of the shops the lady really wanted to see how Brappz were attached to our new Multi-Wayz Bandeau, so I had to raise my top, needless to say the attention was totally on the bandeau and yes they were also amazed at the functionality of Brappz, they truly loved the novelty and the smoothness of both the bandeau and the Brappz. Brappz is ideal for games, and lucky me, my friend got us tickets for A. Rod’s final game at the Yankee stadium!! Blue and white Brappz surrounding us and everyone we met which to be fair was my personal highlight although the game was great :P It was amazing to see how excited people got to receive Brappz bracelets, most people were also willing to pay us. We even gave some to the vendors and the guy who caught a foul ball! What an unforgettable night.


Needless to say, all you Brappz fans give me a boost to continue creating and spreading the love of Brappz. 

Xxx Selene





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