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Brappz tour second day Biarritz

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Hi everyone,

We had a lovely second day in Biarritz, and were lucky enough to experience a bit of good weather. We took a long walk along the coast, and were thoroughly impressed by the number of surfers (not beginners that’s for sure) that were taking advantage of the windy weather because it was still quite cold out! The scenery is beautiful, and very different from the south of France where we just came from but also very exceptional. We walked passed countless castles and old stone houses, all as unique as one another.

Today, Tati and I decided to show off the metallic Brappz, and they really stood out against the blue oceanside surroundings. One of my all time favourite things to do is to wear a simple, plain coloured outfit and to then match my Brappz to my lipstick – it immediately catches the eye and adds a beautiful pop of colour to my otherwise rather simple look.

We have been discovering a few restaurants and cafes in the area that we very much recommend. We enjoyed some tapas and delicious wine last night for dinner and today had a nice coffee break in the centre of the town in a place where the food looked mouth watering.

Tonight we will be visiting the famous temporary Casetas (AKA high quality local food stands).

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See you tomorrow,


Mia xx






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