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Brappz tour Paris

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Hi everyone,

 We have spent the last couple days in Paris, but have been particularly unlucky with the weather. Yesterday was rainy, grey and miserable; our clothes were drenched and water was squelching in our shoes. Therefore, we were unable to take photos for Brappz and instead decided to go to the cinema. We opted for a new French movie named ‘Bienvenue à Marly-Gaumont’: a must-watch for anyone who speaks French. It is one of those powerful comedies with a happy ending, which really put us in a good mood.

 Today, we strolled over to the Louvre and walked around the area. Although the weather was dismal, we were really able to appreciate the beauty of Paris – the buildings are timeless and the bridges are unique. Tati introduced me to her newfound obsession, which is Bubble Tea: we found a cute, authentic-looking place named Bubbolitas right near the Forum des Halles and I experienced one of the strangest drinks I have ever tasted. Chewy tapioca beads inside a milky tea? However, I did strangely enjoy it and can totally understand why people are addicted to it!


For Brappz – I decided to use two rose quartz XL Brappz and a silver XL Brappz and braided them. I fastened two silver hooks, one on each side of the braid, and hooked them together. This style has become my new obsession: three years into wearing Brappz and I am still discovering new ways of styling them! Tati went for the classic blue and red combination, and wore a lovely red bracelet with gold hooks and a gold Lisian Flower Snappz.




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See you tomorrow,


Mia xx





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