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Brappz Tour Munich

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Hi everyone,

I adore Munich. It is officially one of my favourite cities ever. Not only are all the buildings and gardens so special and absolutely stunning, but there is also such a deep and complex history seeping out of every statue, monument and street corner. We had brunch on Sunday morning at a place called ‘Glockenspiel Cafe’, which had the most incredible view over Marienplatz, and made delicious scrambled eggs and homemade lemonades. Seeing as I’m history-obsessed, we then walked to the famous Feldherrnhalle Beer Hall where there was the attempted putsch in 1923, and it was a chilling experience: the building has been converted into offices and shops, as if to erase any trace of that dark event.

We were lucky enough to be near the university when the Germany Slovakia euro game was on, and it was an experience like no other. Every bar in the area was packed, and people were standing outside looking in through the windows in the hope of catching a glimpse of the screen. Tati and I, repping Germany with our Brappz, stood at the back of a cute but crowded bar and indulged in the German football experience. At every goal, everyone stood up in their head to toe German attire and screamed with joy – it was amazing!


Today, we went to the main shopping area, and found one particularly cute and original concept store named Weissglut. If any of you know me you will know that I am weirdly obsessed with home ware shopping, so needless to say that that store was heaven for me – it is really worth a visit! We then had lunch at an adorable little restaurant named Cotidiano – their homemade fruit lemonade is actually do die for. For dinner, we went to the most incredible Burger place in the city! The restaurant is called Burger and Lobster Bank, and the Yakuza burger is just as scrumptious as it is weird: it is a teriyaki burger with ramen noodles instead of bread! So so amazing!

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See you tomorrow,


Mia xx






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