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Brappz tour Madrid

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Hi everyone,

Tati and I had an awesome time in Madrid, what a lively city! Our Airbnb could not have been more central, which was ideal. Unsurprisingly, within minutes of arriving, Tati found an amazing Mexican restaurant called Takos which I could not recommend more: a taco cost one euro, so we didn’t even feel guilty about eating so many!

This trip has made us realize just how small the world is: we got to know someone named Connor at our hostel in Barcelona and then bumped into him the next day in Parque Del Retiro in Madrid! We gave him a Brappz and he was very grateful, and told us that he thought the product was amazing.


Because France played against Albanie  this week  Euro 2016,  I decided to represent one of my nationalities and wore blue, white and red Brappz recreating the flag on my shoulders and on my wrist. I think that using Brappz as a way of showing my support for the team is great because my outfit remains fashionable: the flag is visible but subtle, and makes my outfit more interesting.

Tati went for the classic light and dark blue Brappz combination as bra straps, which added an elegant touch to her outfit. For bracelet she used an XL Brappz in light blue with a silver hook and a sliver snapz.


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See you tomorrow,


Mia xx






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