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Brappz Tour Dusseldorf

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Hi everyone,

We spent most of yesterday in Dusseldorf! It was only a half hour train ride from Cologne so we decided to make a day trip out of it – and honestly am I glad we just went for the day rather than staying there for a few days, because Cologne is more my kind of place. The centre was lively and beautiful, and we walked around a picturesque park, which was situated right at the heart of the city. The weather was grey but the air was thick and hot, which wasn't particularly pleasant. Luckily, I braided some XL Brappz and made it into a headband: not only did it keep my hair out of my face, but it also matched with my outfit perfectly, and made me understand Blair Waldorf’s headband obsession.

We had yet another extremely bizarre experience that day: whilst casually strolling next to the Rhine, we walked past a group of people dressed in Christmas suits, carrying gifts and dancing around a sleigh. Confused, we decided to take a closer look, only to be informed in a mixture of English and German that these guys were celebrating half-Christmas, and were only there to wish us a good day. Needless to say our day was made.

We then went back to Cologne and went to our favourite cocktail bar in the area. Not only does Soul Bar make the best Pina Coladas, it also plays the kind of music where you recognize every single song and can’t help but sway to the beat whist sipping on your drink. Tati wore a summer dress and accesorized it with cool Brappz combo Flamboyant red and Vivid violet. 


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See you tomorrow,


Mia xx






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