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Brappz tour Cologne

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Hi everyone,

We arrived in Cologne yesterday, and immediately made our way to the Meininger Hostel to put our bags down. The lovely receptionists had kindly upgraded us from a mixed dorm to a private room with on suite, which made my day! After this very pleasant surprise, we headed into town for dinner. We ate in a charming and popular traditional restaurant named Früh am Dom, where I was introduced to Leberkäse: a German specialty. Even though Tati and I were experiencing what I can only describe as a food comma, we decided that it wasn’t a real German experience if we didn’t try some homemade Apfelstrüdel, and it was absolutely delicious.

Today, we visited little art-design boutiques around our hostel. We are staying at the heart of one of the most artistic, fashionable and modern districts of the area and had so much fun discovering it! We then headed into the centre of Cologne for lunch, and were asked what was potentially the weirdest request ever. A woman named Mara Bergman, stopped us in the middle of a little Brappz shoot and asked: ‘excuse me, I don’t mean to bother you but do you mind taking a photo of me with eleven rubber ducks?’ She then proceeded to pull out 11 individual rubber ducks from a plastic bag and neatly aligned them on a nearby wall. We ended up taking so many different photos of her and her ducks, and she was very happy with them! She explained that she is a journalist, and is taking these photos in many different places around the city for an article she is writing! Anyways, she was very pleased with Tati’s photography skills and was great to talk to.

It was 32 degrees today, meaning that everyone was sitting in the shade drinking water and trying to cool down. Tati’s top kept on falling at the back and showing her bra. She decided to use a Brappz hook to hold her two tank top straps together, which not only looked great and hid her bra, but it also held everything in place all day! I decided to go for a simple, cream-coloured romper and paired it with dark blue and purple Brappz, which really stood out from my simple outfit!

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See you tomorrow,


Mia xx






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