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Brappz takes on NYFW

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Hello everyone!

I am so excited writing this blog post. I just spent the weekend in New York and it was such a great one. I had the opportunity of going to one of the fashion week events on Thursday, the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion palette which featured upcoming Australian brands including Frankie Swimwear. Not only was the fashion show so aesthetically amazing to watch, but also Brappz was included in the gift bags for everyone in the front rows. Thank you Lori for this opportunity!

To put into context how good it was, I need to let you know that I am currently sorting through 300 photos of only one of the fashion shows. I could not put down my camera, every outfit had to be in it! I was also accompanied by an incredible Brappz model, Valerie, who is so fun for photoshoots. She has got that personality that jumps around and dances in the middle of the streets, and she rocks her fashion style too. Her outfit picks are so unique that when we bumped into Chiara Ferragni at Cha Cha Matcha, she even asked Val where her top was from (Oh, and we were able to hand her some Brappz omg).

If you ever have the opportunity to go to New York during Fashion Week, take it! You will spot celebrities everywhere, while unfortunately feeling unfashionable but that’s okay!!

Fashion week really makes you feel like treating yourself with clothes and beauty products. I have got to recommend to you Rituals, a skincare (The Body Shop type) store that has the best body scrubs I have ever tried. It was also a great place to promote Brappz because as the sales person was testing the scrub on my hands, she fell for Brappz, as did all her colleagues. They were begging me to find a way for them to receive them fast, so I gave the last ones I had on me as a gift because their customer service was incredible and their genuine love for Brappz was heartwarming. Now they also know they can get them online with no shipping costs.

One last thing, go to The Jane Hotel!!! It is probably the best nightclub I have ever been too, an experience completely different from anything you can imagine, but so much better than a typical club that looks the same and feels the same everywhere in the world. The music was so good, that every time I tried to do the line to go to bathroom, I felt the need to leave, because I wanted to dance to every song like it was my favorite ever!

I can’t wait to finish going through all the photos from this weekend, please stay tuned because they have turned out awesome (aka, eye candy).

Lots of love from a Brappz lover,







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