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Valentine's Day Brappz

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Hi everyone!


As we all know, Valentine’s Day is coming up… Which is really exciting whether you are in a relationship, married or single! It’s a day dedicated spending time with the people you love; whether that is your significant other, your friends, your family or even your pets, you should definitely go out and have fun! (Plus – it is yet another good excuse to devour a box of chocolates, drink champagne and watch The Notebook… what is there not to like?) 


My Valentine’s Day must have Brappz combination is red Brappz, gold hooks and the gold heart-shaped Snappz! I honestly love this combination so much – it is so cute and elegant: the perfect date accessory. And why not give your date (or friends) a matching bracelet? Adding red gives such a romantic and sophisticated touch to both a man and woman’s outfit – and how adorable is it to match your date? 


Another great combination is light pink and white with silver hooks and Snappz! It adds a cute girly touch, and is perfect for Valentines Day. (Or any other day of the year – this is one of my all time favourite combinations…)

The amazing thing about Brappz is that the possibilities are endless. You pick your favourite colors and your favourite Snappz to make your own accessory, that suits you and that suits the occasion. It is a way of expressing yourself and showing off your unique personalized style! This Valentines Day, I challenge you to create your own favorite combination, and to show it off – and I can guarantee you will stand out! 

We have added a link to Jessica Clements Valentine's Day Outfits for inspiration. All her  outfits can be easily accessorised with Brappz as bra straps, bracelets, necklaces, or shoe laces... endless possibilities!

Happy Valentine's Day

Lots of love,








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