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Brappz a New Discovery!

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Hi everyone!


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely break and that you made many meaningful new years resolutions. Mine, aside from trying to stop eating so much chocolate (it’s not my fault I’m Swiss it’s in my blood!), is to try to devote more time to my Brappz posts. I know I haven’t posed in a while, but I’ve been absorbing the abnormally warm winter sun up in Villars and now I’m back in Bristol studying for my exams.

 Although skiing hasn’t really been an option in the past few weeks, because of the complete lack of snow, the warm weather was ideal for me to show off my Brappz! My holiday consisted of going out partying with friends, drinking coffee, relaxing and walking around the beautiful Swiss villages. 

Here are a few shots of how I decided to show off my Brappz off this winter. The pastel pinks and beige perfectly complemented my cosy winter jumper. I also love the way the silver hooks give my outfit a classy touch, making this beautiful Tiffany & CO watch stand out! 

 I would also like to mention the brand S’well I discovered this winter! This NY headquartered company creates the most fun looking thermos bottles, keeping drinks either cold or warm for many hours! I adore the way they look, and think the idea is amazing! Also – how great do my Brappz look with the bottle?

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