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Brappz suit any occasion!

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Hi everyone! 

What’s the best thing about living in a flat with five other international students you may ask? Well, aside from having eaten the most wonderful Indian food (my flatmate Piyal could actually be a chef), I think my favourite aspect is learning all about the different cultures and traditions. All of us come from such different backgrounds and have such diverse upbringings that it makes for such amazing dinnertime stories.


Last week it was Diwali, which is an ancient Hindu festival of lights. My flatmate invited her Indian friends to get ready at our flat before heading out to the Diwali Ball, which was hosted in a big hotel in the centre of Bristol. They all entered the kitchen wearing beautifully coloured saris and stacks of jewelry. They all looked stunning. Piyal and I chose Brappz that matched the colours of her sari and braided them into a bracelet. It was such a great finishing touch as it brought the whole outfit together. Additionally, the pink band in the bracelet was glow in the dark, which was a fun addition that made her stand out in the crowd.

Brappz suit any occasion! I’m so excited because it’s festive season and so many parties are coming up, which means so many opportunities to show off my Brappz! And also festive season means that the toffee latte is now available at Starbucks again – double win. 

 Until next time,

 Mia xx





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