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Chronicles of a new fashion Brappz

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Hi everyone!

This is my first ever blog post (exciting!) so I guess I should start off by introducing myself. My name is Mia and I am just starting my first year studying History at the University of Bristol. Aside from History, I am passionate about fashion, and am always eager to discover new tends and styles. I was first introduced to Brappz a few years ago when the two cofounders of the product, Selene and Barbara, were just coming up with ideas. I was immediately intrigued, and decided to become as involved as possible with the development of the product. Brappz has now become an essential part of my everyday life, and makes getting ready in the morning all the more fun!


The aim of this blog is for me to share my passion for fashion and show you all the different ways in which I style my Brappz, ranging from nights out, to sports events, to my simple every day looks. Please feel free to share any ideas or thoughts with me! I would love to know how YOU like to style your Brappz and which colour combinations are you favourites!

Until next time,

 Mia xx

 For starters, we want to show you our new addition to Brappz : Snappz

Accessorize your look with classy snap-on jewelry. Shaped as Drops, Tulips and Hearts, Snappz are now available in silver and gold. 

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 We hope to see our growing Brappz family get creative! 



Did You Know? That Brappz concept came about by trying on a shoulder exposing top and seeing obvious bra straps (alias underwear). Now you can show your Brappz side. With Brappz, off-the-shoulder tops never looked or felt better.


 "Finding the middle ground for casual and classy was a challenge. We wanted to turn the bra strap into a fashion accessory. The traditional bra hooks have been around since the 1940's" 

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