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Brappz tour Nice

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Hi everyone,

The location of day 3 of our trip was the gorgeous town of Nice – but what a struggle it was to get there and back. Our plan was to go to the little station next to our studio and to take the train from there. However, upon arrival, we were told that no trains had been running from there in over a week because of the strikes and that our best bet was to go to the big station in Cannes and that maybe, if we’re lucky, there might be a train to Nice from there. So after a rowdy bus ride, we weaved through the crowded station and luckily made it onto the train. The return journey was just as much of a struggle – the train was so packed everyone was shoulder to shoulder with one another (not to mention the fact that the majority of the passengers were drunk because of the start of the euro – made for interesting conversation at least).


However inconvenient the journey was, we realized just how worth the effort it all was when we arrived to Nice. It is a really stunning city, much bigger than St-Tropez, with endless streets to wander through and countless cute boutiques. Every other minute Tati and I would point out to each other people whose dull, unpleasant looking bra straps were showing, and fought the urge to aggressively hand them Brappz.

 Today, Tati and I both opted for blue patterned dresses. Tati paired her blue and white box-shaped dress with a Restless Orange choker with silver hooks, and a simple Restless Orange bracelet. I wore a blue maxi dress and paired it with Dreamy Blue and Ocean Blue Brappz, accessorizing it with gold Snappz and a matching bracelet.


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See you tomorrow,


Mia xx





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