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Brappz tour St-Tropez

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Hi everyone,

Today stared with an hour and a half boat ride from Cannes to St-Tropez. The journey was absolutely beautiful – Tati and I were those annoying tourists that kept running from one end of the boat to the other to take photos making sure that we didn’t miss a single piece of coastline. Arriving in St-Tropez was magical. Not only were we blessed with heat and a clear blue sky, but there was also a light breeze all day, which made everything so much more pleasant. As you can probably imagine, we started off by exploring all the little alleyways and the cute houses and streets filled with the classic St-Tropez shops, frolicking around trying to find the perfect lighting for Brappz photos and trying to avoid getting in the way of the other people who were visiting.

Today, Tati rocked a beautiful maxi dress and some gold sandals. She decided to pair this outfit with bronze and raspberry Brappz as bra straps and a bronze bracelet with gold hooks and gold flower snappz.


I decided to wear all back (as usual - I should probably branch out but oh well) and added a pop of colour with Rose Quartz Brappz as bra straps with silver flower snappz. For bracelet, I twirled Rose Quartz and Silver Brappz with a silver hook and a little silver drop snappz.


The day went great – we went into shops for the first time, which was nerve-racking but also really rewarding. 

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See you tomorrow,


Mia xx





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